Surfer’s Bay VIP And High Voltage Entertainment Present INXS


Saturday 27 July 10am SLT

Join us on the beach for an INXS tribute concert at Surfer’s Bay VIP on Saturday 27 July at 10am SLT.

Performed for the first time by the team at High Voltage Entertainment, INXS has sold an estimated 60 million records worldwide and are famed across the world for being Australia’s greatest band of all time. 

The tribute concert will feature INXS performing their historic ‘Live Baby Live’ concert at Wembley Stadium in London in 1991 with songs such as Need You Tonight, New Sensation, Suicide Blonde and Guns in the Sky.

High Voltage Entertainment are the premier tribute concert promoters in Second Life ™ and have been recreating the sights, sounds and experiences of arena concerts from real life since 2008. 

We recommend you TP over to our welcoming sim and come and enjoy a morning of classic Aussie rock!

The sim will be open for everyone from 9am SLT until 1pm SLT. 

Visit Surfer’s Bay VIP:

Mysterious Paradise Event


Runs July 20 – 3 August



Surfer’s Bay VIP is proud to support this wildlife themed event with shopping, music and entertainment to help raise funds for the World Animal Protection organization. 

At the full sim designed especially for this fundraising event, you can explore a mysterious jungle, mystic forest, snow blizzard, the humid outback safari, and the depths of the deep blue sea.

The volunteer team behind ‘Mysterious Paradise’ have put together this non-profit charity event where all 100% of profits - including store, stage, and all donations - will go towards

This organization helps protect animals in our wildlife, communities, and help stop cruelty worldwide. You can visit their website here:

This is the third year that this event has been run in Second Life ™ and in in previous years, ‘Mysterious Paradise’ has raised over $150,000 Lindens. The organizers hope that with the support of the SL community, that even more funds will be raised this year.

Please take the time over the next two weeks to visit Mysterious Paradise – or help a good cause by donating any spare L$ to the donation kiosks at Surfer’s Bay VIP main beach.

Mysterious paradise will host entertainment on the following days:

Saturday 20th of July with live singers from 2pm-10pm SLT

Sunday 21st of July with DJ's from 12pm-4pm SLT

Saturday 27th of July with Chit Chat with Chad (Live Talk Show) at 3pm SLT


Surfer’s Bay VIP Opens New Surf Sim

Surfer's Blue

 A new surf sim has just been created as part of the Surfer’s Bay VIP estates. Along with the main Surfer’s Bay VIP full sim, the estate also hosts ‘Surfer’s Eden’ and now - ‘Surfer’s Blue’. Developed with surfing very much in mind, Surfer’s Blue has a wide expanse of open water and an exhilarating mix of Maoli and Marina Bay waves.

For the full story go to our blog

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As the sim name suggests – surfing is a big deal at Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates and there’s no escaping those huge Maoli waves that make ideal surf conditions.

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There’s a warm welcome waiting for you at Surfer’s Bay VIP estates!

We hope that you enjoy visiting Surfer’s Bay VIP and our latest sim - Surfer’s Eden.

Based on the real-life island of Bali, the sims feature crystal blue waters, white sands and lushly planted jungles and gardens with lots of places for private moments or for taking photos.

Feeling social? Join in with our regular parties, live music concerts and DJ events on the beach or in our exotic bar and club area. 

For water lovers, try surfing or jump on a jet ski and explore the open water that surrounds each sim - or explore the islands and discover hidden caves, waterfalls and some spectacular views!

Members can rezz anywhere on both sims, set the sims as home and enjoy the luxurious male and female skybox changing rooms to dress or unpack shopping.

Bring a friend or visit alone – you are always welcome at Surfer’s Bay VIP.

“The scenery at Surfer’s Bay VIP is great for my pics, but it’s also a place where people I know come to hang out and meet new interesting people too. It becomes like a family so to speak.” Chase Stone (ilhotfella69) 


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