SL’s premier surf estate

There’s a warm welcome waiting for you at Surfer’s Bay VIP estates!

We hope that you enjoy visiting Surfer’s Bay VIP and our latest sim's - Surfer’s Eden and Surfer's Blue

Based on the real-life island of Bali, the sims feature crystal blue waters, white sands and lushly planted jungles and gardens with lots of places for private moments or for taking photos.

About Surfer's Bay VIP


With a sim design influenced by the real-life island of Bali, the current sims were developed to accommodate our growing membership and to offer more locations for SL photography, surfing, romance and partying. 

The sim is for adults only and we ask that our members visit either in beachwear or nude to help maintain a sense of relaxation. With thousands of members in our group and a friendly and supportive community of beach lovers. 

Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates host regular DJ parties, live music events, special events and photo competitions. Each month, we choose one group member to be our ‘Bay Girl’ and  ‘Bay Guy’, we hope that our members feel ‘at home’ on the sim.

Come and relax at Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates and meet new friends from across the world at these popular and photogenic sims. 

Membership costs 500L$ and members can:

  • Rezz objects such as surf boards or photo props anywhere on sim
  • Set the sim to home
  • Use the female and male changing rooms to unpack boxes and shopping bags
  • Enjoy members only events and parties

Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates are owned by Duncan Blackburn. The original Surfer’s Bay was created in 2016 before the new sim was developed in May 2018. If you would like to know more about the history of both sims, please visit: History of Surfer’s Bay.

“The people keep me coming back I have made a lot of long-time friends. I have been coming to SB for almost 3 years. Besides taking hundreds of pictures, some friends have come and gone, but the memories of it all were amazing.” Kisses Karu