Take time out of your busy life and explore the Surfer’s Bay VIP sim's alone or with friends.

Our visitors can walk around the islands and enjoy peace and quiet in the many secluded areas. Walk to the top of Moon Mountain, up the ancient stone paths, to see the best views of sunrise and sunset, or venture deep into the Crystal Caves buried deep under the sand.

Orchid Island can be reached by walking through the large lagoon and is a tranquil haven with flowers, insects, and birdlife. The walk is worth it because you will find comfy seats, a campfire and the best view of sunset on the entire sim.

Take selfies with friends in the underwater Mermaid Grotto or relax under the stars with loved ones on white lounges at the main beach. The sims have many waterfalls and old ruins – and turn on local sounds to hear the tranquil sounds of birds, running water and the sea.

Surf across to the new Surfer’s Eden sim for moments of pure tranquillity sat around the blazing beach bonfire or discover the secret lagoon made for moments with someone special… 

Surf across to the new Surfer’s Blue sim to enjoy surfing on a variety of new waves. There are several waves running at once and offer a challenge to keep up with the number and different styles…

To encourage a sense of relaxation, the sim's default music stream is Chill FM, so if you have had a hard day in real life, log into Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates and let your cares drift away…

“I just love the "Vacation in the sun" atmosphere that Surfers Bay embodies. Every time I come to Surfers Bay it’s like stepping off the plane and smelling that fresh pure air. It just makes you want to dive into the waters or grab your surfboard and go wild. The people are friendly and considerate, and the DJs are wonderful. I am yet to experience a sim that truly captures this summer vacation feel more!” Brea Brianna