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We’re Hiring! Surfers Bay VIP Event Planner

Surfers Bay VIP is currently looking for an Event Planner/Organizer to help us manage, plan and run parties and events. 

This is a paid position at L$1,000 per week and you will get full support from the Management team.

Since the sim opened in May 2018, our membership has grown to over 5,600 members and we want to provide new and exciting events to cater for all timezones from beach parties to seasonal events and more.

We are looking for applicants who have some experience of managing SL events and who can offer creative ideas. You will also have a background in organizing social events.

We currently already have DJ’s several times a week, but we are now looking to expand on this and our live music events.

You will:

*Have previous experience of managing or contributing to events 

*Be creative and not afraid to offer ideas!

*Have an email address for corresponding outside of SL

*Be a member of Surfer’s Bay VIP

How to apply

Simply complete the following and send back to Duncan Blackburn inworld on a notecard labelled

Event Manager: Your Full Avatar Name

Date Applications sent:

Name (Full SL Name): 

Your RL timezone: example: GMT, Midwest etc 

Times available Online (Days and Hours):

Experience Doing SL Events (how long have you been doing events and examples of events): 

Tell us about you! We would love to hear about you: