If you enjoy photography in Second Life™ then you will fall in love with Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates.

We designed the sims to provide many photographic opportunities: explore the highly detailed jungle paths with crumbling ruins, blooming with exotic plants, or set your lens on the wide expanses of white sand and crashing waves.

Or wander up to the top of Moon Mountain for breathtaking views in both sunrise and sunset before descending to take shots of the stunning Orchid Island.

Our members are welcome to rez poses and any photography equipment anywhere on the sim so you can enjoy taking selfies or landscape shots in peace.

Our membership group has hundreds of SL photographers ranging from Pros to those that simply enjoy taking shots of their time on the beach – and we all love sharing our shots in the SL group and in our Flickr group too. 

We also host regular photography contests with cash prizes which are a lot of fun for everyone (even if choosing the winners is hard work!)

So bring your camera and enjoy all the photogenic spots at Surfer’s Bay VIP!

“The build of the sims is beautiful, and there is always something new to see, new spots to explore. And while exploring, I always find somewhere I can spend some time to take a picture. The people here are also great, a good mix of interesting and friendly people I have learned to appreciate a lot. The laid-back and friendly atmosphere makes Surfer´s a place I find myself returning to every day.” Saee (Blackwinged Bravin)