As the sim name suggests – surfing is a big deal at Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates and there’s no escaping those huge Maoli waves on the main sim that make ideal surf conditions and a combination of Maoli and an assortment of Marina Bay wave on our new Surfers Blue sim to challenge both beginners and advanced surfers.

When you land on sim, you are greeted by the roar of the surf and the cries of the gulls overhead and the ocean calling you: so, grab your board and paddle out into the deep blue…

When we built the sim, the Malo Tahiti waves were the first objects we rezzed. We are serious about SL surfing!

Our members can rezz their boards anywhere on the sim, so you can enjoy hours of hard surfing.

Pro surfers will enjoy the huge waves that break sharply on a diagonal dangerously close to shore and beginners can try the sport by using one of our C-3 surfboards. 

We are also happy to give any tips to new surfers – just ask one of our Life Guards. You will always see dedicated surfers out on the waves here on different boards and our surfers are a friendly and supportive group.

We plan on hosting surf parties and surf events in the future and actively encourage all SL surfers to visit us.

The sim features frequently on the well-known SurfWatch website and people who surf at Surfer’s Bay VIP are often highlighted on the same site.

Grab your board and paddle out with us at Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates!

“A lot of times I just stand on the beach amazed at how much the ocean and waves remind me of my home in Hawaii. I also credit SB for helping me to develop my new SL passion...SURFING! I've been surfing for about three months now, but with the advice of some of the best surfers I've seen, a lot of practice, and the best waves SL has to offer, Surfer's Bay VIP has turned me into an avid surfer. But even when I'm not on the waves or enjoying the beauty of the vast sim, SB members are some of the great to interact with. They set the atmosphere for the sim and that is what it's all about. Great people getting together in a place made for them to enjoy themselves to the fullest.” Teresa Larix (TJ Larix)