Surfer's Bay VIP Estate Rules


For the enjoyment of all, we have a few basic rules.

First and foremost, be respectful of all people who have come to enjoy being here. Rudeness or harassment will not be tolerated. 

Don't confuse the Adult setting to mean crude or rude behavior is permitted. We are adult but have some manners and class.

We are an Island for adult Humans who are surfing fans, explorers, social and friendly.  

No tails, No wings, No Non Human Attachments of any kind.  No weapons are permitted.

==  The only exception to the Human rule is “SurfersBayDude” who is the island monkey who maintains Surfers Bay.  Mermaids are permitted as there is a Underwater Mermaid cave located at the island ==

No spamming in group: please don’t use group to send spam messages. We will ban anyone spamming immediately.

Taking advantage of AFK members (jumping on poses and having sex with them) is NOT TOLERATED. Sexual relations on the island is only between consenting adults. 

Use of objects on the water – Please only use surfboards on the surf waves and be considerate of others. Jet skis and boats should stay off the surf waves so everyone can enjoy the sim peacefully.

Please help to keep the sim as lag free as possible and do not not use more then 6.00 MB. You do this by removing as many scripted items and unneeded HUDs as possible. 

Do not hover over AFK avatars and be respectful about taking pictures. Ask before you take or post pictures of others. De-rendering clothing of members and taking pictures of them is not acceptable and can be grounds for being banned. 

If a couple is having sex have some class and don't spy and take pictures unless they have approved.  Use common sense and just show respect. 

This is a clothing optional resort (Nude or Summer/Swim Wear Only)

This is an Adult Sim, and as such, by entering Surfers Bay You are Stating you are 18+ years of age, and aware of the Linden Labs TOS Regarding age. No blatantly Child looking avatars or child roleplay is permitted. A minimum 5'0" is required for avatars. We will report violators of child AVI use here and child age play to Linden Labs.

Human adult avatars in natural proportions only please.

No children, animal, robot, furies, etc. are allowed.  See only exception listed above

No Soliciting or prostitution permitted. 

Penis Erections: Erection should only be used or displayed while having sexual relations with another. Men do not walk around with an erection 

Group members have the right to rez small personal items such as poses for pictures, beach towels, Surfboards and so on. Please do not rez large or heavily scripted items such as boats, aircraft, buildings or anything of that nature. We only ask that you pick up your items once you have finished using them. We will return objects left on the sim. If we find someone regularly leaving items out we will give one warning. If it continues we may choose to ban that individual.

Please don’t use hard BDSM chat or potentially offensive sexual language towards any gender in local or group chat. Surfers Bay is an adult sim and sex is allowed but please use other sims for BDSM sex or chat – or keep in in private IM

Banning:  We do not give refunds on group memberships fees. If you create a situation that forces us to go to the extreme step of banning you then its on you for causing it to happen. Once more we will NOT refund you membership fee if you cause yourself to be banned.  Banning is done at the discretion of the Surfers Bay staff.  We are more then fair and will only ban you if the rules of the sim are broken or you ignore the warning of the management team. 

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions please contact Duncan Blackburn (duncan.blackburn) or one of our Lifeguards (See Group Tags)

Thank you and enjoy your time at Surfers Bay