Have your home at Surfer's Bay VIP


Ever wanted a peaceful and completely private parcel of land but within a short distance of a popular beach? Well now you can!

Rent a home on our new sim - Surfer’s Eden - and enjoy the tropical, tranquil atmosphere with lushly planted gardens and the waves lapping at your deck.

Tenants can invite friends to their land, rezz surfboards or jetskis directly outside their homes and whizz across the waves to the latest party at Surfer’s Bay VIP.

Our parcels are either sunset facing (towards the surf waves) or sunrise facing, and all come landscaped with mesh plants and flowers. Each parcel has high standards of security, its own group and you can set all media and music to your chosen streams.

Check the link below to see if we have any parcels free. Then TP to your chosen parcel, pay at least one week’s tier – and enjoy your new home.

Click here for available parcels at Surfer's Eden

“I have to say living here at Surfer's Eden has been wonderful. Not only do I have the beautiful views, peace, relaxation and privacy at home, but I also have access within a stone’s throw all the surfing, jet skiing, water sports, DJ events, dancing and some the prettiest spots around the islands for amazing photography. Plus living here and being a member, I cannot stress how wonderful the owners and the patrons are like a big family. Happy to be a part of such a fantastic place love you all!” Ember Firehawk

Surfer's Eden Rental homes