Want a shop at Surfer's Bay VIP?

Welcome to the Surfer’s Bay shops and thanks for inquiring about joining us.

We have over 7,000 group members and a very active Flickr group, so we are the perfect destination to sell your products or services.

You can set your shop up in your own style and we are happy to help promote you to our members – You can send group notices to our continually growing group to promote the products you have in your Surfer’s Bay VIP vendor booth.

We accept shops that sell the following items:

  • beach themed items
  • surfing items
  • clothing 
  • jewellery 
  • custom poses

This is a tropical beach location. We would love things that stay in that theme but talk to us if you have different products.

We recommend that vendors offer at least one exclusive item or product discount for Surfer’s Bay VIP members.

We encourage our vendors to promote their Surfer’s Bay shop on Flickr, in their own groups and on social media as well as with our group notice, and we will do the same for them.


You are allowed a maximum of 50 prims for L$400 a week.

This can be paid weekly or monthly in advance directly to the vendor stand rental box.


  • Please stick to your prim limits. If you need more, please contact Duncan Blackburn
  • You will need to be a member of the Surfer’s Bay group and you will be added to the staff role. 
  • No particles, sounds, rotating objects, or lights. Use full bright textures instead.
  • No Floating Text 
  • Hiro, freebie systems, and apez are PROHIBITED.
  • No midnight mania boards
  • No Promoting other sims, clubs, gaming systems, etc.
  • Vendors must not violate other's copyrights. No reselling of freebies or full-perm items. 
  • No advertising of real world products or services, escort services, or competing locations.